Advocacy and Strategic Representation: MACIS is highly experienced in engaging high level decision makers, presenting the voice of CSOs at both national and international scenes. We have a seat on key decision making platforms in Uganda and beyond. Additionally, MACIS is a member of a number of technical working groups such as the Public Private Partnerships, Advocacy and Social Mobilization and Communicable Diseases Control. The role of MACIS in all these forums is to present the voice of member CSOs on strategic decisions, and then give feedback to members on what transpired and the progress. Currently, MACIS is a member of:

  • Uganda National Health Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC)
  • Uganda’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM)
  • Global Malaria Advocacy Working Group (MAWG)
  • East Africa Civil Society Organizations’ Forum (EACSOF)
  • Steering Committee of the East Africa Health Platform (EAHP).

Capacity Building and Sharing of Best Practices: MACIS regularly builds the capacity of its member civil society organizations in different areas to meaningfully and sustainably participate in health planning, decision making processes, service delivery, as well as in program/service monitoring. MACIS also documents, synthesizes and shares best practices on health programming for replication and policy advocacy.

Check out our online capacity building tools for CSOs by clicking here.

Promoting Accountability among Actors: MACIS sees CSOs as important players in monitoring health service delivery and promoting accountability among different actors at all levels Therefore, it fosters increased CSO engagement in health planning and decision making processes, as well as promoting transparency, better resource utilization and timely program implementation among actors.
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