Welcome to the Uganda Civil Society Immunization Platform!

We are excited to present this dedicated virtual platform, to everyone interested in ensuring that every last child in our country and communities is fully immunized. This platform presents a unique opportunity for partners and visitors to share their experiences or view points, through dialogue and discussions, irrespective of our different geographic locations, which contributes strongly to the agenda of Immunisation service delivery in Uganda today.

Over the past two years, we have seen a renewed commitment by governments, immunization development partners, and other stakeholders towards improving immunization services and ensuring access to vaccines. This has translated to much improved immunization coverage rates, and fast tracked decisions on new vaccine introductions. The roll out of new Pneumoccocal -10 and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines in Uganda is one of the positive recent results of the intense advocacy that preceded today’s situation. New vaccine introduction however presents a new layer of challenges; not only at the programmatic level, but also in terms of public perception and acceptance given the number of pricks a mother has to subject her child to per vaccination visit. To ensure that we do not lose the gains we have thus far made, we need to remain vigilant and continue working together.

Who are we?

The Uganda Civil Society Immunization Platform provides space for civil society organizations and individuals to raise a common voice and engage in policy issues and other decision making processes on immunization and health systems strengthening. One of the major strengths of the platform is our broad geographical coverage through over 150 member organizations, and over 100 district immunization champions. This creates an opportunity for grass root engagement in issues of vaccination service delivery and uptake, as well as enabling transmission of community opinions to the highest decision makers and drivers of change, where the platform has been accepted and constantly involved in constructive national engagement.

We owe it to our children, the opportunity to a life free of preventable diseases. If it is within our power, then it would be unthinkable for us not to contribute to the collective effort of giving a chance to our children a healthy life through a simple prick.

It is our hope that through this space civil society members, community, health facility and family leaders can seek and share information, but most importantly create a unified voice.